Who are we?

We are traders too. All our team members have full time trader. Some has been started way back as far as in 2003 and others have started at least three to four year back. FOREX Trading is somewhat look like an arts. It's very subjective. If last week you win a lot, maybe this week you'll be losing a lot too. You can't replicating it everyday.  

What we can gives is an opportunities to get a guaranteed winning trade at least 100 pips monthly. What's more, our services is absolutely FREE***. You can do a lot with our FREE*** Forex Signal including Copytrade services. For those who want more winning trades, you can subscribe to our PAID Forex Signal. You can follow and use our signal to guide your trading, so long as you agree with the Terms of Use. You can even never trade at all eventhough you take our signal into consideration.. We broadcast our signal via WhatsApp.

Why it's FREE***?

We are rich... We're richer than Warren Buffet.... Hahaha.... just joking. We survives and generate our income via FOREX Trading, as we are traders too. As part as our services, we do collaborates with Forex Broker. So for each of you who wanted to use our services, please do remembers to register under our MIB link (we'll be providing it to you). 

But if you don't find any Forex Brokers you want to use in which not covered by us, please do advised us about it.. Maybe you're looking for something different, something special. And we love the challenge of doing something different and something special.

Be Part of KromoFX TradeAdvisor Community

If you're experiencing issues and concerns about forex market, join the discussion on TeleGram or LINE mobileapps and meet other FOREX traders in the community who are just like you.

Our Team

Funder : Thai Ther Yang
Senior Trader : Meowth
Senior Trader : Zachariah Jamal
Tech Support : Tomas Nickholas

Please feel free to contact us anytime.

*** terms and condition applied.